Yaks and Nomads

Robin, a good Bhutanese friend of mine was a trekking tour operator (beside driving once a week with a truck from Thimphu to Siliguri (India) and back to provide the weekend market in Thimphu with extra vegetable). In 2007 he invited me to join the Dagala trekking. My job was to take pictures for his homepage. This trekking that is also called the 1000 lakes trekking leads up to the high regions where nomadic people live with their yaks. It is place of heavenly beauty and I could feel and see the power of nature in everything and everyone. Also up there -as like everywhere else in Bhutan- the people are very friendly and hospitable and invited me into their huts to drink "suja" (buttertea) with them.
Sadly Robin died suddenly in April 2011, he was only 40 years old. He had many ideas and plans revolving around his beloved mountains, including contributions towards a possible trekking guide. Recently, his exploratory interest led him towards the sub-tropical foothills. He seems to have been infected by a quickly deteriorating illness, which abruptly and incomprehensively ended his life in the middle of his best and most plentiful years.