Remote Schools in Bhutan

As a teacher I have been very much interested in visiting schools all over Bhutan and am very grateful that I got many chances to do so.
I am very happy that -over the years- I have got many opportunities to work within many schools and to experience the different ways of teaching and learning. Very often I have been deeply impressed by the commitment of the people involved.

In 2007, when I was visiting the Community Primary School in the remote village of Samay, Dagana, the students of class 4 were asked to question me.
But nobody dared to ask me a question. Then Phub Zam, an actually very shy girl sitting in the last row, said she had no question but she would like to sing a song for me :-)  Her teacher told her to come in front and she sang a very beautiful song in a most beautiful way; I was deeply touched by her gift.

Some days later I came back to the school asking if Phub Zam could sing the song again so I could record it. Without any further preparation she sang by heart five songs into my mini-disc-recorder.

Today Phub Zam is a music star in Bhutan, a singer that is well known all over the country and beyond.