SIMPLY THE BEST - New choreographies from Africa

«Africa Simply the Best» is a platform that brings choreographers from the entire continent together in Burkina Faso and lets them perform against one another. Every two years, this enormous cultural event crowns the best in their discipline, and three of the award-winners got to showcase their work on the stage at Theater Casino Zug as part of the Culturescapes Festival 2023.

Bibata Ibrahim Maïga is a young dancer and choreographer from Mali was delivering her solo performance «Esprit Bavard» in Zug. She uses it to question our relationship with religion and society. What are the expectations on us and how does their influence shape us as individuals? Addressing ourselves is expressed in movement.

In her solo entitled «Kemet», South Africa’s Assanda Ruda searches for differentiation and emancipation from her own culture within the theatre. Her focus is on the issue of political appropriateness in the Africa of today which determines social cohesion and identity.

Cameroon’s Tchina N’Djida’s «Cross» deals with illegal immigrants leaving their families behind in the search for paradise. It shows the horror that young people have to go through before they finally come to the awful decision that they have leave, at any cost.

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